[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: unicode-symbols-0.1.1

Roel van Dijk vandijk.roel at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 08:58:05 EST 2009


I would like the announce the release of my package unicode-symbols:

It offers alternative symbols for a number of common functions and
operators from the base and containers packages. When used in
combination with the language extension UnicodeSyntax you can write
really nice code. The only thing missing is a nice λ symbol.

The documentation on hackage should be pretty self explanatory. For
each symbol the documentation gives its exact definition. The source
code however, probably due to a bug in hscolour, is totally
unreadable. To view the sources simply download the package and use a
text editor.

I tried to be conservative with the choice of unicode symbols. I have
defined the division sign (÷) to be (/). But it could just as well be
defined as 'div'. I do not know what would be the logical choice.

Another choice that could lead to some discussion is the definition of
(⊂) to be 'Data.Set.isProperSubsetOf' and (⊆) to be
'Data.Set.isSubsetOf'. An alternative choice would be to have (⊊) for
'isProperSubsetOf' and (⊂) for 'isSubsetOf'. I choose the former
because it is more symmetrical with (<) and (≤).

This package was inspired by unicode-prelude from Péter Diviánszky:

Roel van Dijk

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