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Gregory Crosswhite gcross at phys.washington.edu
Tue Dec 8 18:15:28 EST 2009

> On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 4:46 PM, Tom Tobin <korpios at korpios.com> wrote:
> The crux here is that the source code of hakyll, released on hackage, is not a derivative of Pandoc (it contains, as far as I understand it, no Pandoc source code).  A compiled executable *is* a derivative of Pandoc, so anyone who *distributes* a compiled executable would need to make *all* the source available under the GPL (including the hakyll source).  Since the hakyll package is released under BSD3, this would be allowed (AIUI, IANAL).
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To add to this thought:  if the author releases hakyll under the BSD3 license, then even though programs using it *presently* must be licensed under the GPL since Pandoc is, if the Pandoc license were one day changed to BSD3, or hakyll patched to use a different BSD3-compatable API, then at that point programs using it could be licensed under BSD3.


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