[Haskell-cafe] Hayoo and Hoogle (beginner question)

drostin77 ml.nwgreen at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 20:11:45 EST 2009

Thanks for all the answers, in particular the history (quoted) was
informative!  So for now the answer is indeed probably to use both, starting
with Hoogle if I am searching by type.  And if you do find that old hayoo
command line search script yes please :P (esp the offline one, I do so much
studying on airplanes that even if I couldn't download the package knowing I
didn't need to build it myself would be great)!  If I get irked enough at
the browser to hack together a wget/cut/grep (or-dare-i-say-ruby) script to
search hayoo from bash I will post it somewhere haskelly!

Neil Mitchell wrote:
> Hi,
> It probably helps to know some of the history, as it explains a lot of
> what you see today. Hoogle was written first (about 5 years ago now),
> before there was hackage (so it doesn't search hackage), and with an
> emphasis on type search (as that's cool). Hayoo came a lot later
> (about 2 years ago at most). Hoogle will be gaining the ability to do
> a full search of Hackage - I'm just waiting to get some bits sorted
> out first. There isn't really a technical obstacle, I've just not had
> the time to finish the implementation.
> Use whichever you choose, but if you use Hayoo for some reason other
> than Hoogle not searching all packages, I'd love to know.
> Thanks, Neil
> 2009/12/7 drostin77 <ml.nwgreen at gmail.com>:
>> Hello Hopefully Helpful Haskell Community!
>> (I really wanted that to be alliteration... couldn't come up with an h
>> word
>> for community)
>>  I've just started learning Haskell (working my way through "Real World
>> Haskell" and really liking it)!  I have started to appreciate that there
>> are
>> a lot of Haskell libraries I will want to search and access quite
>> regularly
>> when I work on Haskell projects, so I had the following questions:
>> 1.  Hoogle and Hayoo:  I'm a bit confused by the difference here.  From
>> initial impressions it seems that Hayoo is linked to Hackage, but Hoogle
>> is
>> not?  And it seems that Hayoo is, well, "Similar to Hoogle, but with less
>> focus on type search."  Should I check both of these when I want a
>> library,
>> or choose one and go with it...?  Or is it indeed better to search Hayoo
>> when I'm thinking of a named library and Hoogle when I think I know the
>> type
>> signature for just the function I need?
>> 2.  I much prefer a command line search interface to a browser, I see
>> Hoogle
>> offers such a tool, does Hayoo?
>> P.S.  If these questions are in the wrong place, or if they are already
>> answered in detail somewhere that my Googling didn't find please feel
>> free
>> to paste a link and tell me to search better next time!
>> --
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