[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: error-message

Ariel J. Birnbaum valgarv at gmx.net
Sun Dec 6 01:34:16 EST 2009

> In particular, the motivation for this package was that I have written
> a build system, and I wanted to collect as many errors in the build as
> possible and show them all to the user at once.

YMMV, but at least for me a deluge of errors is less helpful than a
short list I can fix quickly, then try again. Often by fixing one error
from the list a sizeable portion of the rest just vanish (I forget the
English term for that kind of error).

(In before "you can use sth like quickfix to go through the first few
errors and compile again whenever you feel like it".)

Ariel J. Birnbaum

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