[Haskell-cafe] Low Level Audio - Writing bytes to the sound card?

Stephen Tetley stephen.tetley at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 15:58:14 EST 2009

Hi Andrew

2009/12/5 Andrew Coppin <andrewcoppin at btinternet.com>:

> I don't think it should be necessary to install a Unix emulator just so that
> I can write Windows programs. Maybe others disagree.


> I'm by no means an expert here, but isn't it usual for C libraries on
> Windows to be supplied as a compiled DLL and a header file for using it? I
> don't quite understand why you need a C compiler.

The thing is, all the bindings on Hackage (or at least something most
likely above 95%) are to "Unix" C libraries so you need a C compiler
and a Unix emulator to use them. I do have have some sympathy with
your point though - it is possible to get things to compile once you
have Cygwin, but deployment on any other machine Windows thereafter is
'challenging' to say the least.

> Apparently there is some talk of removing OpenGL from the Haskell Platform.
> And if this happens, it'll be one more thing I can't use on Windows. :-(

I didn't realise until I looked today that OpenGL was in the Haskell
Platform. If the proposal to remove it is from Sven Panne then fair
enough, otherwise it would be a bit disappointing - it always "just
worked" when it was part of GHCs extralibs...

Best wishes


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