[Haskell-cafe] Low Level Audio - Writing bytes to the sound card?

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Sat Dec 5 10:44:39 EST 2009

M Xyz wrote:
> > if you get it to work
> As a spoiled Java programmer, this new role as pioneer is a bit 
> intimidating, but I will give it a shot. :)
> I wish there was a multimedia standard library for beginners like me. 
> Writing audio to the speakers shouldn't be such a journey.

Unfortunately, I've yet to find a single Haskell package that binds to C 
which will actually compile on Windows. :-(

(It still makes me chuckle that even the COM bindings - which, by 
definition, can *only* work on Windows - also don't compile. One wonders 
how the author managed to test it...)

Fortunately, for GUI work we have Gtk2hs, which works just fine on 
Windows. (Although obviously, Windows boxes don't usually have GTK+ 
installed.) But most of the really interesting stuff on Hackage is just 
unusable on Windows, sadly.

If you ever do manage to get audio working, I'd be interested to know how.

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