[Haskell-cafe] Is Haskell a Fanatic?

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Fri Dec 4 04:34:51 EST 2009


One of the absolutely best things about the Haskell community is that it is almost invariably respectful and usually friendly.  People often remark on this when they join the community.  Beginner questions are greeted with polite and helpful replies.  Category theory and elementary type errors show up in successive messages.  Etc.

But thread is an exception.

If you think someone is talking nonsense, I think the best policy is to ignore it or reply privately (not to the list); then the thread dies.  I find derogatory discussion of a particular person quite discouraging.  It is likely to be unjust, and it encourages more of the same.  It's like littering your own house.

Respect, guys, please.


| >> This "troll" was, apparently, invited by one of the Simons
| >> onto the Haskell' list, then asked to move his spiels here.
| I am informed that the "invitation" I was referring to was actually
| about his being invited *out*, not in, so his origin is still a
| mystery and "troll" is likely appropriate.  (I can't say he's
| demonstrated much of a mathematical basis for his trollery; only a
| propensity for pompous declarations, and deflection when challenged on
| them.  Put up or shut up, troll.)

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