[Haskell-cafe] Is Haskell a Fanatic?

Miguel Mitrofanov miguelimo38 at yandex.ru
Thu Dec 3 12:33:00 EST 2009

On 3 Dec 2009, at 20:09, John D. Earle wrote:

> See "[Haskell-cafe] Optimization with Strings ?" for background.

Somehow all your posts to the "Optimization..." thread were classified  
as spam by my e-mail client. Seems like it's developing self-awareness.

> If you are going to argue your case, be constructive. Tell me how  
> the type system is not flawed and how the Haskell language is  
> rigorous. What proof do you have of this? Explain to me how Haskell  
> has been merely uncompromising in its pursuit of perfection and did  
> not manage to step over the threshold into fanaticism. Please remain  
> on topic and on point.

Happily. But it takes two to make a conversation. Why don't YOU start  

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