[Haskell-cafe] seems like I'm on the wrong track

Michael Mossey mpm at alumni.caltech.edu
Tue Dec 1 21:28:04 EST 2009

Daniel Fischer wrote:
>> getNumber :: String -> AssignedNumbers -> (Int,AssignedNumbers)
> Yeah, that screams State Monad.

Hi, thanks for all the advice.

I was hoping my AssignedNumbers "class" would be useful with many data 
structures. In other words I would have

data State1 = State1 { a :: AssignedNumbers, b :: AssignedNumbers, ... }
data State2 = State2 { c :: AssignedNumbers, d :: AssignedNumbers, ... }

func1 :: State State1 Int
func1 = do
    ... something using a and b ...

func2 :: State State2 Int
func2 = do
    ... something using c and d ...

So I thought maybe I could defined a function like

nextNumber :: MonadState s m => (s -> AssignedNumbers) -> (AssignedNumbers 
-> s) -> m Int
nextNumber retreive putBack = ...

and have it be useful in both "State State1 a" and "State State2 a" monads, 
but defining the retrieve and putBack functions isn't pretty.

I will try to grok Robert's reply also. Maybe he has something addressing this.


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