[Haskell-cafe] FFI link failing due to no main?

phil at beadling.co.uk phil at beadling.co.uk
Tue Aug 25 21:37:36 EDT 2009


After creating my stub objects etc using GHC, I'm trying to create a  
library with a C interface to some Haskell functions.  I'm explicitly  
passing in -no-hs-main yet the linker still fails due to missing main?

I'm sure I've had this working before with a slightly simpler example,  
but can't work out what is wrong here.

If I give it a main (to humor it - it's not a solution), then it links  
and produces an executable - so it looks to me like I'm not telling  
the linker what I want correctly?

Any ideas?



ghc -O2 --make -no-hs-main -package mtl   -package array -optl '- 
shared' FFI/Octave/MyInterface.c FFI/Octave/OptionInterface_stub.o FFI/ 
Octave/OptionInterface.o ./FrameworkInterface.o ./Maths/Prime.o ./ 
MonteCarlo/DataStructures.o ./MonteCarlo/European.o ./MonteCarlo/ 
Framework.o ./MonteCarlo/Interface.o ./MonteCarlo/Lookback.o ./Normal/ 
Acklam.o ./Normal/BoxMuller.o ./Normal/Framework.o ./Normal/ 
Interface.o ./Random/Framework.o ./Random/Halton.o ./Random/ 
Interface.o ./Random/Ranq1.o   -o FFI/Octave/libMyInterface.so
Linking FFI/Octave/libMyInterface.so ...
Undefined symbols:
   "___stginit_ZCMain", referenced from:
       ___stginit_ZCMain$non_lazy_ptr in libHSrts.a(Main.o)
   "_ZCMain_main_closure", referenced from:
       _ZCMain_main_closure$non_lazy_ptr in libHSrts.a(Main.o)
ld: symbol(s) not found
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

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