[Haskell-cafe] gbp sign showing as unknown character by GHC

Judah Jacobson judah.jacobson at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 18:53:03 EDT 2009

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 10:31 AM, Iain Barnett<iainspeed at gmail.com> wrote:
> Quick question: I've tested this in a couple of different terminals (roxterm
> and xterm), so I'm fairly sure it's GHC that's the problem. Have I missed a
> setting?
> GHCi, version 6.10.4
> Prelude> putStrLn "£"
>> Hugs98 200609-3
> Hugs> putStrLn "£"
> £

ghc-6.10.4 and earlier don't automatically encode/decode Unicode
characters.  So on terminals which don't use the latin-1 encoding, you
need to do the conversion explicitly with a separate package such as
utf8-string, iconv or text-icu.  For example, on OS X:

$ echo $LANG
$ ghci
Prelude> putStrLn "£"
Prelude> System.IO.UTF8.putStrLn "£"

The conversion is done automatically by hugs, which is why the outputs
differ.  This feature will also be supported in ghc-6.12.


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