[Haskell-cafe] Re: simulation in the haskell way

Shiyou Wang wsysdu at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 21:56:40 EDT 2009

>   By "simulation way", do you mean "object-oriented way"?
they are similar, but not equal, I think.
OO is great for simulation, but simulation does not necessarily use OO.
Virtual machine simulates real machines, you can use OO language to
do it, but most use C in the real world I think. So, simulation way is more 
like an imperative way. 

But it also relates to what do you mean by "simulation". If we are 
simulating things in the physics world, then it's most likely imperative, 
and most of the time an OO way. Because the physics world are more
natrual in such a perspective.

But if we are simulating the way people doing things, it may not 
necessarily be imperative. For instance Mathematics, It's more natural
to simulate in a functional way.

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