[Haskell-cafe] Improving event management in elerea

jean legrand kkwweett at yahoo.fr
Fri Aug 14 14:26:41 EDT 2009

> to the frame time, so you can adjust the speed to be
> independent of it.

ok, thanks

> integralClamped v0 vmin vmax s = transfer v0 accum s
>     where accum dt v v0 = max vmin $ min vmax $
> v0+v*realToFrac dt
> playerX <- integralClamped playerX0 (-fieldW)
> (fieldW-playerW)
>            (ifte lpress
> (-1) 0 + ifte rpress 1 0)

I haven't quite understood yet so I'll see later but I already have another question :
what if the functions are some signal functions . For instance, instead of being
(subtract 1) :: a -> a, 
it is a signal 
func :: Signal (a ->a) ?

Is there also a simple way to compose func with an (x :: Signal a) in order to produce a new  signal ?

I naively tried 
y=func <*> x 
but the influence of func doesn't seem to exceed a frame.


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