[Haskell-cafe] Re: SQL Database in Haskell?

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Wed Aug 5 20:37:48 EDT 2009

> Hi,
> well I tried to do some stuff in memory, and the app ended up using a  
> couple of gigs. I not only have a very large amount of dynamic data, CSV  
> files, but also quite a large amount of static data, and wasted 3 months  
> trying to do this all in-memory. The problem was finally solved once I  
> used SQLite and SQL.
> The other day I had one last go at trying to compile the static data in a 
> literal list in my haskell code. That was 80.000 rows, it was just not  
> even possible

Don't compile in static data (or if you do, use -Onot, so that GHC won't
try to analyze it)!

Use some kind of binary on-disk storage.

> As far as I'm concerned this discussion is settled in favor of SQL once  
> and for all.
> The part I didn't like about SQLite is encryption, you need to buy that  
> extra and then hope that it fits the current version and future ones too. 
> HSQLDB or Derby for Java give you this option and also with in-memory  
> database, alas they are for Java only.

You might also want to look at the HAppS disk-backed persistence model,


Or the holumbus distributed storage layer,


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