[Haskell-cafe] Re: ANN: yst 0.2.1

spoon spoon at killersmurf.com
Tue Aug 4 09:20:35 EDT 2009

This sounds great!  I really like using yaml for web development.

However, my last use case was for a non-techie, so I created a little
desktop application for editing the "yamlbase", if you excuse the

I think it worked quite well, because the user was then presented with a
friendly looking system ( I even wrote a little calendar widget :)
without having to spend the precious moneys on dynamic hosting.  In the
end, everyone was very happy.

Actually, it was written in Ruby, and Shoes, and the data part was a lot
less powerful than the yst query language there - but I think that an
analogous tool would be useful; a GUI which creates yst scripts, would
make yst a very powerful tool for non-techies.


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