[Haskell-cafe] Re: Cabal's default install location

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Wed Apr 29 04:29:56 EDT 2009

Victor Nazarov <asviraspossible at gmail.com> writes:

>> This tradition of global and /usr/local for ./configure scripts is ok,
>> but for a convenient package manager it's not necessarily ideal.

Well, the system package manager uses /usr.  But for locally compiled
software, I don't see any good alternative to /usr/local.  It is
certainly what I'd expect, based on most other build systems I've
used.  Also, it's the default location for some non-cabalized

> Ubuntu/Debian policy seems to be installation into /var/lib/cabal . 

Since when?  I have a ton of stuff installed via apt-get, and I don't
even have this directory.  The policy is that everything from the
repositories (i.e. .deb packages) get installed under /usr.

> So it's clear that the whole hierarchy is managed by single tool
> cabal. Drawback is that you should add /var/lib/cabal/bin into your
> PATH. 

Some systems used /opt in more or less this way.

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