[Haskell-cafe] installing Sqlite3 driver for windows

Bartosz Wójcik bartek at sudety.it
Sun Apr 26 18:25:39 EDT 2009

I've installed recently hsdc-sqlit3 on my Windows. I remember it was enough to 
copy dll to system32, header .h to somewhere and key in path to both to cabal 
file. Then usual stuff with setup. It worked and I managed to access DB.


On Thursday 23 April 2009 03:13:38 Michael P Mossey wrote:
> I'm working from Real World Haskell, trying to install HDBC and
> the Sqlite3 driver on Windows XP. It was easy enough to use Cabal
> to install HDBC. However, for the Sqlite3 driver things get
> fuzzy. I downloaded hdbc-sqlite3_2.1.0.0.zip, but don't know what
> I'm supposed to do with it.
> Also, it wasn't clear what to do with the sqlite3.dll file. On
> this page
> <http://software.complete.org/software/wiki/hdbc/FrequentlyAskedQuestions>
> it seems to imply you need to put it in
> 'gch --print-libdir'\include
> and
> %windir%\system32
> but that page is really about building the driver from source.
> Maybe it only needs to go in the system32 directory.

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