Is 78 characters still a good option? Was: [Haskell-cafe] breaking too long lines

namekuseijin namekuseijin at
Sat Apr 25 21:38:52 EDT 2009

2009/4/21 Edward Kmett <ekmett at>:
> I find a hard 80 character line length limit to be somewhat ridiculous in
> this day and age. I've long since revised my personal rule of thumb upwards
> towards 132, if only because I can still show two windows of that side by
> side with no worries, along with all the IDE browsing baggage, even on a
> fairly crippled laptop, and I've been able to have 132 columns since I
> picked up my first vt220 terminal in 1984 or so.

Good catch.  But here's another:  modern day IDEs like Eclipse or
Netbeans offer so friggin' many features all in-you-face at the same
time that the puny window reserved for code may be very well in the
80-chars limit anyway. ;)

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