Is 78 characters still a good option? Was: [Haskell-cafe] breaking too long lines

Miguel Mitrofanov miguelimo38 at
Sat Apr 25 12:54:26 EDT 2009

On 25 Apr 2009, at 19:59, Felipe Lessa wrote:

> On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 07:38:59PM +0400, Miguel Mitrofanov wrote:
>>> Also, I don't mistake the transformers as different
>>> parameters because of the parenthesis
>> You should really try Lisp. In my opinion, parenthesis are a kind of
>> noise - too small, too many.
> I don't try lisp because I don't like a lot of parenthesis as
> well.  However the problem isn't with parenthesis, it is with
> their excessive usage.  In this case they're helpful, IMO.

Of course they are. My point was not that everything should be clear  
without parenthesis, but that the user shouldn't have false  
impressions - the notation should either give a true impression (like  
Daniel suggested, with every other line indented more than the  
previous one - though I don't like it), or not to give any impression  
at all, so that the reader would be forced to read the noise.

>>> and because they're transformers, reading their names gives
>>> you a clue of how they may be used.
>> So... you really think transformers CAN'T be parameters? You're  
>> going to
>> be surprised.
> [...]
>> Whoever knows Haskell - no offense - expects to see both.
> Haha :), so "giving a clue of how they may be used" means
> "meaning that they will always be fully applied" now?

Well, then, is that ALWAYS so obvious that this particular name  
denotes a transformer? Of course, if it's not a standard transformer  
like StateT or WriterT, but something written by the same guy who  
invented this MyCoolMonad type?

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