[Haskell-cafe] compilation to C, not via-C

Bulat Ziganshin bulat.ziganshin at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 13:07:45 EDT 2009

Hello Alex,

Friday, April 24, 2009, 8:57:40 PM, you wrote:

>>  so, if you just need haskell-C++ interaction, you may look into using
>>  FFI [1,2]. if you believe that you can compile some
>>  java/ruby/haskellwhatever code down to C++ and incorporate it into
>>  your function - sorry, they all have too different computing model

>      Actually some Scheme compilers have a "c-declare" form that lets
> you create C functions, which can be called from C, Haskell, Java,
> Ruby etc.

and it supports lazy lists? :) all compiled languages has some FFI, the
problem is that FFI limited to common subset of all those languages -
i.e. primitive types and pointers

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