[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: HPong-0.1.2: A simple OpenGL Pong game based on GLFW

Niemeijer, R.A. r.a.niemeijer at tue.nl
Thu Apr 23 13:15:48 EDT 2009

About two days ago the beta version of the Haskell Platform was released. Since it comes with an OpenGL library, it is now trivially easy to start making OpenGL programs with Haskell. To test this, I decided to make a simple Pong clone for two reasons:

* To experiment with making an OpenGL game
* I chose to use the GLFW instead of the GLUT library because GLUT doesn’t respond to closing a window with the close button very well. However, I could only find one piece of sample code for GLFW. Because of that, I decided to make a small game that others can use as a starting point for their own games.

The controls are very simple: The up and down arrow keys move your paddle and Esc quits the game.

This is my first upload to Hackage, so any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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