[Haskell-cafe] Announce: A pragmatic Haskell .NET interop layer, 0.4.0

Sigbjorn Finne sigbjorn.finne at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 16:44:41 EDT 2009

A new version of a Haskell .NET interop layer, hs-dotnet, has just been 
and is now available for download,


It lets you access .NET functionality from Haskell and vice versa. Tool 
is included in this release to aid such interop.
The new version includes development done since the start of the year. Apart
from rewriting the internals completely to put it all on a sounder 
footing, this
release includes proper support for .NET generic types (classes and 
mapping them naturally on to Haskell parameterized types.

The support for generics enables for instance mixed Haskell-.NET LINQ 
see the distribution for examples of this along with some other 
interesting applications of
the hs-dotnet interop layer.


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