[Haskell-cafe] wxHaskell not in scope

Tsunkiet Man temp.tsun at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 17:53:33 EDT 2009


I'm trying to create a GUI by using wxHaskell. However I get the weird error
message of "Not in scope "dt"", well so I sorted them so that my so called
"dt" was in scope, however it failed. Can someone please tell me how I can
solve this error?

           ... A lot of code that is not relevant in my opinion, if I'm
wrong please correct me and I will post my full code

            --Debug text --
            dt <- staticText f [text := "Hello world!"]

            imagePanel <- panel f [position := Point 2 2, clientSize := Size
100 100, tooltip := "This is a drawPanel", bgcolor := rgb 255 255 255]
            set f [ clientSize := Size 700 500,
                    menuBar := [mFile, mHelp],
                    visible := True,
                    on (menu exit) := close f,
                    on (menu open) := onOpen f vFile ]

            return ()

                onOpen :: Frame a -> Var b -> IO ()
                onOpen frame var = do   file <- fileOpenDialog frame False
True "Open File" [("PGM bestanden (*.pgm)",["*.pgm"]),("Alle bestanden
(*.*)",["*.*"])] "" ""
                                        case file of
                                            Nothing ->      return ()
                                            Just file ->    set dt [text :=
                                                            return ()

Thank you for your help, I really owe haskell-cafe.

Greetings Tsunkiet Man
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