[Haskell-cafe] Re: [ANNOUNCE] hgettext 0.1.10 - last major release

Florent Becker florent.becker at ens-lyon.org
Wed Apr 15 10:04:50 EDT 2009

Vasyl Pasternak <vasyl.pasternak at gmail.com> writes:

> Hello,
> I've uploaded last (and latest) significant version on hgettext
> module. Currently it works fine, and has bindings to all gettext
> functions (from libintl.h). Next versions will be only bug fixes of
> this version.

> I don't see any strong reasons to write any combinators over this
> basic bindings. Haskell needs more powerful internationalization
> library, and I am plan to design it, but it will be completely
> different from gettext principles, so this library will be released
> with another name.
Does this means that the string files (if they exist at all) won't be
in po format, or some approximation thereof? This could be a problem
for translators.


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