[Haskell-cafe] Best text editor

Andrew Smith asmith9983 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 23:01:29 EDT 2009

As a long time  *NIX person, I would have to recommend gViM, regardless 
of the OS,  The strongpoint being, learn one editor really well and use 
on all environments.
Many years ago I did program my Emacs with Lisp to give it the indents I 
wanted, but I still stayed  with ViM.
Andrew in Edinburgh,Scotland.

Alexandr N. Zamaraev wrote:
> Melanie_Green wrote:
>> Hi I would like to follow the crowd and find out what text editor 
>> everyone
>> uses for haskell on windows.
>  * Far Manager + Colorer plugin 
> (http://www.farmanager.com/index.php?l=en)
>  * HippoEdit (http://www.hippoedit.com/)
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