[Haskell-cafe] Functions that return functions

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You're getting ahead of me again.


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michael rice wrote:
> Admittedly, functions that return functions are Lispy, but perhaps there a Haskelly way to accomplish the same thing?

Actually, I think you will come to find that this way of thinking is more Haskelly than it is Lispy!

    import Control.Applicative ((<$), (<*>))
    import Control.Arrow       ((&&&))
    import Control.Monad       (guard)
    import Data.List           (unfoldr)

    makeVerifier f m = (==0) . (`mod` m) . sum . zipWith f [1..] . unfoldr nextDigit
        where nextDigit = (<$) . (snd &&& fst) . (`divMod` 10) <*> guard . (/= 0)

- Jake

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