[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Elerea, another FRP library

Patai Gergely patai_gergely at fastmail.fm
Sat Apr 11 10:57:16 EDT 2009

> Any idea how Elerea compares to Grapefruit? It's great to see a lot of
> competition in the FRP arena, but I hope in the end this results in a
> really usable and scalable FRP system for Haskell :-)
I think Wolfgang can judge this better, because I don't really know the
innards of Grapefruit, while the Elerea core is extremely simple, so
anyone can easily see how it works. By the way, I was told that Haddock
will be run in a day or two, so the online docs will appear soon.

>From the user's point of view, Elerea is probably closest to Reactive,
except that everything including reactivity is expressed with continuous
functions. There are no reactive elements with side-effects (at least
conceptually), unlike the circuits of Grapefruit. Also, Elerea is
essentially pull-based. In general, we can say there's a lot less going
on in it than in Reactive or Grapefruit.


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