[Haskell-cafe] Maybe off-topic -- Writing contracts or software specifications

Jason Dusek jason.dusek at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 20:42:40 EDT 2009

  I think it is important to have clear rules for how you'll
  handle adjustments to the project. It's important to set
  expectations clearly at the outset; however, things change and
  there needs to be respect for that. Nothing that is in writing
  should be allowed to remain incorrect unless it is
  specifically superceded.

  Especially for bright people, it is difficult to go through
  the motions of writing up one's little decisions after the
  fact. Can't we just move forward? Do we need all this
  bureaucracy? It's not just about covering your ass -- you also
  want to be sure that what you remember is what the other party
  remembers. The after-meeting write-up and review is a good
  exercize for that.

Jason Dusek

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