[Haskell-cafe] Maybe off-topic -- Writing contracts or software specifications

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Wed Apr 8 10:05:37 EDT 2009

Maurí­cio ha scritto:
> Hi,
>  [...]
> I need, for instance, to write a contract with a programmer
> we are hiring for a task. 

 > [...]

The question is: how much do you trust the programmer?
And how much do the programmer trust you?

Much of the complications of the contracts arise from the need to deal 
with parts that don't trust each other.

A few pages should suffice.

Make sure that:
1) You explain accurately what the program must do, and how the
    programmer intend to write the program.
    Do you need strong unit tests?
2) Write the deadline for program completion.
    What happens if the deadline is not honoured?
3) Write the estimate price for the work.
    Are price changes allowed?

Regards  Manlio

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