[Haskell-cafe] cabal haddock and Paths_Xxx

Andrea Vezzosi sanzhiyan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 05:21:00 EDT 2009

Which version of Cabal are you using?
It should be fixed with Cabal-, check cabal --version to make
sure it's not using an older one.

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 8:32 PM, Martijn van Steenbergen
<martijn at van.steenbergen.nl> wrote:
> Hello,
> cabal generates a Paths_Xxx file for me which I import and use, but cabal
> haddock doesn't seem to like it much.
> If I don't specify the generated module at all in my cabal file, cabal
> haddock generates visible documentation for the module, which is not what I
> want: the module should stay internal.
> If I specify it in either Exposed-Modules or Other-Modules, 'cabal
> configure; cabal haddock' fails with:
>> cabal: can't find source for Paths_Xxx in ., dist/build/autogen
> While 'cabal configure; cabal build; cabal haddock' fails with:
>> cabal: can't find source for module Paths_Xxx
> Can I have the best of both, i.e. generate docs without problems and use the
> generated module?
> Thanks,
> Martijn.
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