[Haskell-cafe] System.Process.Posix

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 09:31:09 EDT 2009


>>> Is it me or the above package is not included in Hoogle?
>> afair, Neil, being windows user, includes only packages available for
>> his own system
>> there was a large thread a few months ago and many peoples voted for
>> excluding any OS-specific packages at all since this decreases
>> portability of code developed by Hoogle users :)))
> Urm, I realize that was half in jest, but no.  It just makes Hoogle less
> useful.  If I need to fork, I need to fork, and no amount of
> sugarcoating is going to get around that.

I was implementing full package support last weekend. With any luck,
I'll manage to push the changes tonight. If not, I'll push them as
soon as I get back from holiday (a week or so)



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