[Haskell-cafe] threadDelay granularity

Ulrik Rasmussen haskell at utr.dk
Tue Apr 7 07:41:36 EDT 2009


I am writing a simple game in Haskell as an exercise, and in the
rendering loop I want to cap the framerate to 60fps. I had planned to do
this with GHC.Conc.threadDelay, but looking at it's documentation, I
discovered that it can only delay the thread in time spans that are
multiples of 20ms:


I need a much finer granularity than that, so I wondered if it is
possible to either get a higher resolution for threadDelay, or if there
is an alternative to threadDelay?

I noticed that the SDL library includes the function "delay", which
indeed works with a resolution down to one millisecond. However, since
I'm using HOpenGL and GLUT, I think it would be a little overkill to
depend on SDL just for this :).


Ulrik Rasmussen

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