[Haskell-cafe] Loading C object files into ghci

Murray murray at sonology.net
Fri Apr 3 00:32:02 EDT 2009

Hi Cafe,

A quick question:

Is there a way to load a C object file associated with FFI imports into ghci 
after invocation (or in a .ghci file)?  I've checked the docs as carefully 
as I can and can't find anything.

Naming the file on the command line works of course but I was hoping for 
something I could keep in a per-directory .ghci file so that emacs and yi
interactive modes work properly.

I know I can (setq haskell-program-name
              "ghci /long/path/to/my/project/build/dist/.../blah.o")
for emacs but I think it's hard-coded in yi.

Sorry if this is obvious, or a FAQ.

<murray at sonology.net>

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