[Haskell-cafe] Re: ANNOUNCE: vacuum-cairo: a cairo frontend to vacuum for live Haskell data visualization

Gleb Alexeyev gleb.alexeev at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 13:01:26 EDT 2009

Don Stewart wrote:
> Please upload!!

I've run into 2 problems while trying to do this.
The first one - haxr won't build with HTTP-4000, so I had to edit 
haxr.cabal and add the upper version bound for HTTP.

The second one is puzzling me.

I've cabal-installed the package, but keep getting linking errors from 
ghci (though interactive loading of the same module from source works fine):

Prelude> :m + System.Vacuum.Ubigraph
Prelude System.Vacuum.Ubigraph> view 42
Loading package syb ... linking ... done.
<Loading lots of packages skipped>
Loading package vacuum-0.0.6 ... linking ... done.
Loading package haxr-3000.1.1.2 ... linking ... done.
Loading package vacuum-ubigraph- ... linking ... <interactive>: 
unknown symbol `vacuumzmubigraphzm0zi1zi0zi2_GraphicsziUbigraph_lvl_closure'
ghc: unable to load package `vacuum-ubigraph-'
Prelude System.Vacuum.Ubigraph>

Non-working package is here: 

Any hints appreciated.

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