[Haskell-cafe] ZipList monad, anyone?

Patai Gergely patai_gergely at fastmail.fm
Thu Apr 2 07:52:59 EDT 2009

> For instance, if we consider just join, with the above definition:
>   join [[1,2],[3]] = [1, _|_]
> Which, I think, is fairly undesirable. You can try to avoid bottoms like
> so:
Well, there is a trick you can use here: wrap everything in a Maybe. Not
that it helps with the efficiency issue, but at least you can mark the
empty spots of the diagonal, since it's possible to check the length of
the list before extracting its nth element. Which leads to some kind of

newtype MaybeZipList a = MZL { getMZL :: [Maybe a] }
    deriving Show

instance Monad MaybeZipList where
    return = MZL . repeat . Just
    MZL mxs >>= f = MZL $ zipWith bind mxs [0..]
        where bind mx n = do
                x <- mx
                let ys = getMZL (f x)
                if length (take (n+1) ys) <= n
                    then Nothing else ys !! n

But it's still not perfect, since the laws only apply modulo extra
Nothings at the end of the resulting lists...

> This monad works fine for size enforced vectors
Sure, I just can't see any good use for those. After all, if you use
arrays, you have to keep the whole structure in the memory just to
discard most of it.

Thanks for all the answers!


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