[Haskell-cafe] csv one-liner

wman 666wman at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 14:37:10 EDT 2008

I got asked how to do one particular thing in excel, which led to discssion
with "our local MSOffice expert".
During the discussion I stated that's it too much of a PITA and that I'd
rather write a script.
Long story short, I promised him a one-liner to "show the power and beauty
of Haskell".

I got the csv package from hackage, modified the parseCSVFromFile so it's
returns IO CSV rather than IO (Either ParseError CSV), and finished with
following code

(writeFile "output.csv") =<< (liftM printCSV $ liftM (map updateLine) $
parseCSVFromFile "input.csv")

Is there room for improvement ?
Could it still be made into one-liner without modifying the csv module (and
without resorting to
case parseCSVFromFile "input.csv" of { Left _ -> []; Right x -> x}
kind of tricks) ?

Thanks, wman.
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