[Haskell-cafe] yi compiles but does not launches

Ahn, Ki Yung kyagrd at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 17:43:51 EDT 2008

I wanted to try out yi after seeing it demonstrated in the
Haskell symposium.  So, I installed cabal as described here

I am using Debian unstable with debian distributed GHC 6.8.2.x
but it seems that yi requries GHC 6.8.3 to compile. So, I manually
installed GHC 6.8.3 using the binary distribution from ghc homepage.

When I install yi with "cabal install yi" it succeeds and installs
yi version 0.4.6 However, when I run yi it starts but immediately
get stuck with the following error message:

Custom yi ("/home/kyagrd/.yi/yi-i386-linux") could not be launched!

The custom file yi-i386-linux does not exist and I don't have
any idea what that is.

Same thing happens with the development version 0.4.7 from
darcs repository.

I did this from complete scratch.  I removed the .cabal and .ghc
directory and started from scratch in a clean state.

If anyone have succeeded using yi in Debian unstable
please let me know how you got around from this problem.

Ahn, Ki Yung

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