[Haskell-cafe] Re: Bird-style and blank lines

John MacFarlane jgm at berkeley.edu
Sun Sep 21 16:33:05 EDT 2008

> 3. Pandoc, via markdown, is a very interesting alternative to latex.
> Right now you can write a block of code like this:
> ~~~
> > fact :: Integer -> Integer
> > fact 0 = 1
> > fact n = n * fact (n-1)
> ~~~
> except that that won't work, precisely because you must have a blank
> line before and after the code.  Unfortunately, when you go and add
> the blank lines, the output will show them.

Note: I've changed pandoc in the repository so that it no longer
shows these blank lines. The next point release will incorporate this
change, making it easier to use pandoc for literate haskell. Note also
that if you begin the code block with

~~~ {.haskell}

the HTML output will be syntax-highlighted (assuming you compiled
pandoc with the -fhighlighting flag).


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