[Haskell-cafe] Re: Library design question

Andre Nathan andre at digirati.com.br
Fri Sep 19 16:55:19 EDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-09-19 at 10:35 +0200, Christian Maeder wrote:
> I agree. Duncan's version also looks more atomic to me,

OK, so what I have now is

  addVertex :: Int -> a -> Graph a b -> Graph a b
  addVertex v l g = Graph adj (numVertices g + 1) (numEdges g)
    where adj = Map.insert v (l, Map.empty) (adjacencies g)

  addEdge :: Int -> Int -> b -> Graph a b -> Graph a b
  addEdge v w l g = Graph adj (numVertices g) (numEdges g + 1)
    where adj = Map.insert v (vl, ns') (adjacencies g)
          ns' = Map.insert w l ns
          (vl, ns) = fromJust $ Map.lookup v (adjacencies g)

Creating a random graph [G(n,p) model] the naive way:

  type RandomGraph a b = StateT (Graph a b) IO ()

  randomGraph :: Int -> Double -> IO (Graph Int Int)
  randomGraph n p = execStateT create Graph.empty
    where create = mapM_ (uncurry $ createVertex p) vls
          vls    = zip [1..n] (repeat 1)

  createVertex :: Double -> Int -> a -> RandomGraph a Int
  createVertex p v l = do
    modify (Graph.addVertex v l)
    createEdges v p

  createEdges :: Int -> Double -> RandomGraph a Int
  createEdges n p = mapM_ (maybeAddEdges n) [1..n-1]
    where maybeAddEdges v w = do
            maybeAddEdge v w
            maybeAddEdge w v
          maybeAddEdge v w = do
            r <- lift randomDouble
            when (r < p) $ modify (addEdge v w 1)

  randomDouble :: IO Double
  randomDouble = randomIO

So, to reference another thread, does this make anyone cry? :)

Thanks a lot for the suggestions,

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