[Haskell-cafe] hircules resurrected (partially ;-)

wman 666wman at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 02:44:50 EDT 2008

I stumbled upon hircules-0.3 IRC client and decided to take it for a test

I managed to get it to compile under ghc-6.8.3/win32, converted it to use
Text.Codec.Iconv (the old version of included Iconv.hs should also work),
but it seems it doesn't work. It only gives an empty form and according to
wireshark doesn't even attempt a connection.

If somebody knew hircules in it's days of glory and/or wants to go
bug-hunting, i'll gladly provide the modified version, as I probably won't
spend more time on it in near future (at least until i get to know gtk2hs
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