[Haskell-cafe] Re: Windows details

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Fri Sep 12 13:11:58 EDT 2008

Jeff Zaroyko wrote:
> Andrew Coppin <andrewcoppin <at> btinternet.com> writes:
>> Jeff Zaroyko wrote:
>>> In theory, you should be able to use mingw's windres tool to produce
>>> an object file from the resource definition which you'd link with 
>>> the rest of your program.
>> Yes, there's a cryptic comment burried away in the GHC manual that says 
>> GHC itself already uses windres to embed the manifest file into the 
>> compiled binary file. (And sure enough, if you crawl through with a hex 
>> editor you'll find the raw XML in there.) There's an option to tell GHC 
>> to not do this - however, I don't see any option anywhere to tell it to 
>> embed a *different* resource file instead. 
> All I meant by linking is including the object file when you invoke ghc.
> windres foo.rc -o foores.o
> ghc bar.hs foo.o

Not sure if that works when using ghc --make, but we'll see.

Actually no, we won't. Because I have just spent about 2 hours trying to 
get that first command to work. I am now exasperated beyond my powers of 
description. I made GHC print out all the commands it executes. I cut 
and pasted the windres command and changed the filenames. windres 
stubbornly *refuses* to work for me. It complains endlessly about 
"invalid arguments". (E.g., it claims that "-B" isn't a valid option.) 
And yet, this is the EXACT command that GHC executed, and it didn't 
complain for GHC. GRRR!!! >_< I even tried removing the arguments it 
doesn't like - but then it can't find any of the include files. 
Basically no matter what I do, I cannot make windres compile anything.

I literally cannot *believe* how hard it is to put a few little words 
into that version tab... Every other kind of resource seems to be 
completely trivial, but this just won't work for toffee!

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