[Haskell-cafe] haskell job offer.

Lionel Barret De Nazaris lionel at gamr7.com
Mon Sep 8 05:06:36 EDT 2008

We (Gamr7, see at the bottom) are looking from a senior dev/Technical 
We don't really care about the title but we want someone good (who 
doesn't ?).
We need someone able to model *and* code well (No architect who never 
The ability to communicate well with a team is also a big plus.
You don't need to speak French (we are in France) but a reasonably good 
English is mandatory.

If You :
• like coding 4+ hours straight.
• like to solve a coding problem elegantly (and are bothered if can't)
• like and read *real* CS books (SICP, EGB, TAOCP, etc...)
• code in Haskell, python and c++.
• are a gamer (this one is optional)
• are interested in computer graphics (optional too)

You fit the bill. We would like to talk to you. Contact us (contact at 
gamr7 dot com).

What we offer:
• interesting problems and creative freedom
• quality of life (no overtime, sunny countryside, French food and low rent)
• a pay in Euros
• comfortable workplace, etc...
• coding in Haskell, python.

The boss *really * codes . He likes Haskell, Python, Reddit, and wants 
the team to be there for the long run (i.e happy).
He also modestly wrote and posted this jobs offer.

About :
Gamr7 is a startup focused on procedural city generation for the game 
and simulation market.
We are located in France, near Lyon.

Best Regards,
lionel Barret de Nazaris,
Gamr7 Founder & CTO
Gamr7 : Cities for Games

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