[Haskell-cafe] Re: Functional references

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Sat Sep 6 12:45:37 EDT 2008

> Tim Newsham's approach with invertible functions is interesting, though it
> feels like it's another layer wrapped on top of the primitive idea of
> functional references.

Not all of the refs are using invertible functions..  however, the
ones that are invertible are more flexible.. you can use them
to make functional references that are mapped over lists, for example.

I've reformulated my code a few times since initially posting it..
In the latest incarnation, FRefGen (generic FRefs with arbitrary
get/modify) and Inv (invertible functions) are both instances of an
FRef class.  In earlier versions I had a function for converting
an invertible into an FRef.

> ~wren

Tim Newsham

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