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This sounds relevant to our interests...

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Dear POPL community members:

We know that you are all holding your breath for POPL 2009; here's some
diversion to take your mind off the wait. We are planning to select a logo
for POPL---after all, if the Olympics can have one, why not us? Accordingly,
we announce the first-ever Contest on POPL Logo Design and Implementation
(not to be confused with the other, gentler PLDI).

Participants should send submissions in jpg, gif or png formats to Swarat
Chaudhuri (swarat at cse.psu.edu) by November 20, 2008. The submission
should contain:

1) A logo that doesn't mention the year (e.g., 2010) of the conference.
2) Logos mentioning the years 2010, 2011, and 2012.

The contest will be judged by:

* Luca Cardelli (Microsoft Cambridge)
* Benjamin Pierce (Penn)
* Shriram Krishnamurthi (Brown)

We do not currently need high-resolution images, but will request them from
the winner(s). From 2010 on, the logo will appear on POPL's webpage---in
addition to the winning logo, the POPL 2010 webpage will also link to any
other logo the judges find noteworthy. The winner(s) and runners-up will be
presented t-shirts and cookies during the PC Chair's presentation at POPL

So here's to citius, altius, etc. Get your design juices flowing!


Swarat Chaudhuri (Penn State)
Publicity chair
POPL 2010-2012

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