[Haskell-cafe] Re: ANN: zip-archive 0.1

John MacFarlane jgm at berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 3 00:10:02 EDT 2008

Thanks again for the feedback! I've modified the zip-archive library
along the lines you suggested. Version 0.1 is now available on


+++ Duncan Coutts [Aug 26 08 21:36 ]:
> Generally it looks good, that the operations on the archive are mostly
> separated from IO of writing out archives or creating entries from disk
> files etc.
> Looking at the API there feels to be slightly too much exposed. Eg does
> the MSDOSDateTime need to be exposed, or the (de)compressData functions.
> My personal inclination is to leave off the Zip prefix in the names and
> use qualified imports. I'd also leave out trivial compositions like
> readZipArchive  f = toZipArchive <$> B.readFile f
> writeZipArchive f = B.writeFile f . fromZipArchive
> but reasonable people disagree.
> For both the pack in my tar lib and your addFilesToZipArchive, there's a
> getDirectoryContentsRecursive function asking to get out. This function
> seems to come up often. Ideally pack/unpack and
> addFilesToZipArchive/extractFilesFromZipArchive would just be mapM_
> extract or create for an individual entry over the contents of the
> archive or the result of a recursive traversal.
> So yeah, I feel these operations ought to be simpler compositions of
> other things, in your lib and mine, since this bit is often the part
> where different use cases need slight variations, eg in how they write
> files, or deal with os-specific permissions/security stuff. So if these
> are compositions of simpler stuff it should be easier to add in extra
> stuff or replace bits.
> Duncan

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