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That’s great -- easy to follow, even though I can’t read the comments.  ^^


It’s not possible for actors to ‘watch’ each other in this system, correct?  For instance, if one actor holds a reference to another, it will keep that old version of the actor alive, but it won’t see when the actor moves.


This game doesn’t seem to need actors that watch each other, but it’s very common in games.  I’ve been using IORefs for that purpose, but I like how pure the Mario game is.  Is there a better way than IORefs?



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Hi I haven't seen this posted any where so I'm sorry in advance if this has been mentioned already but I came across this recent video on youtube: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=gVLFGQGRsDw it's a mario clone written in haskell with a link to source code repository (http://svn.coderepos.org/share/lang/haskell/nario/). I thought that it maybe useful to some people.


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