[Haskell-cafe] distributed systems reading group

Jason Dusek jason.dusek at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 04:32:58 EDT 2008

  I'm looking for good reading group for distributed systems.
  I've worked through a number of papers on my own and would
  like to work out some ideas with other folks who have an

  I've read a little bit of Lynch, a bit more of Lamport and
  some of Chandra's work, as well as numerous slides, &c.

 *  The impossibility results are sobering, but always leave a
    way out -- they make some assumption that one can dispense
    with in practice (for example, that processes start with
    different values).

 *  The possibility results generally make untenable assumptions
    -- for example, that there is no link failure.

  I appreciate that this is not a matter of direct interest to
  the list, but I expect to find interested people here.


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