[Haskell-cafe] Re: A heretic question

Mauricio briqueabraque at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 20 12:42:38 EDT 2008

What kind of things do you prefer? Databases, science,
math, web?

At first, make sure you have Bjarne Stroustrup book
(very important: last edition). If there's anything good
in C++, it's there. Look also at his homepage:


Bjarne is the guy who first started C++, and in a certain
way still leads its development.

> What kind of things, barring coding on Haskell-less platforms and
> library interfaces would you choose to do in C++?
> I'm asking 'cos I'm learning C++ and can't get the proper motivation to
> do any program I can think of in it: If I need abstraction, I'm
> thinking Haskell or Scheme, and if I'm thinking performance, C itself
> more than suffices.
> Plus template programming makes me shudder because of its atrocities
> against clear and straightforward FP, but that's a different matter.
> Coming to think of it, a compiler from a clean syntax to C++ templates
> sounds like a fun project... which I'd do in Haskell.

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