[Haskell-cafe] package question/problem

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Fri Oct 17 20:28:19 EDT 2008

Hi Vasili,

have a look at all options of ghc-pkg. There is one command to hide a
package. Hidden packages will be shown by ghc-pkg list in parenthesis.
The second way to hide packages is passing a special option to ghc (you
can look it up in the ghc documentation or by running ./setup build
-v3). Probably here it's another reason: Maybe the build-depends fields
of the package are wrong. So just open the .cabal file and add it.
pay attention to
if flag(...)
  build-depends :
  build-depends :
so that you add it to the right one.

>    What is the history of old-time package?
Hmm. It's superseded by the new time library found on hackage..
I hope that this message will help you.

Marc Weber

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