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allan a.d.clark at ed.ac.uk
Fri Oct 17 04:35:01 EDT 2008

Hi Jeff

It sounds like maybe you just want an application that works a bit like 'cabal'.
So with cabal the first argument is taken as the 'command' and then the rest are based on that:

cabal build --some other --options --which may --or --may --not have --arguments

Yi has a simple template for a script which should get you started, please find it attached.

So here instead of processOptions, you might want, processCommand

processCommand :: [ String ] -> IO ()
processCommand ("build" : args) = processBuildCommand args
processCommand ("play" : args)  = processPlayCommand args
processCommand []               = putStrLn "You must supply a command"
processCommand _                = putStrLn "Sorry I don't understand your command" --Probably out put help here as well

processBuildCommand :: [ String ] -> IO ()
processBuildCommand = similar to the processOptions except now you are sure you are in a 'build' command

you *might* even have a separate set of option descreptions for each command.


Jeff Wheeler wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a slight Haskell newbie, but I'm trying to write a terminal-like
> application that accepts simple commands with optional arguments, and
> can then execute them. Most of these commands will need IO, as later I
> will want to communicate over USB for most of them.
> I was hoping, though, that I could get some comments on the initial
> architecture I've been playing with [1].
> I suspect I should be using some sort of monad to represent the
> commands, but I don't fully understand monads, and am not sure how it
> would apply in this context.
> Should I be using a monad here, and if so, how?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jeff Wheeler
> [1] http://media.nokrev.com/junk/cli/
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